Prices for paint jobs vary based on the amount of time required. The following are my rates for standard charcter pieces on foot. If a peice is larger, overly detailed, or mounted the price will go up accordingly.
   Shipping: You will need to send me the item to be painted, or pay for me to purchase it. I will send it back once it is painted and payment has been received. Within the USA base prices include shipping and items will be sent via Priority Mail.
25-32mm scale professional quality single figures. Examples:
54mm scale professional quality single figures. Examples:
Competition level pieces are unavailable for commission, but are occassionally available for sale. Feel free to ask about individual pieces.


   I am not currently taking private commissions for illustrations. Prints of all images are available for $10 each plus $5 shipping in the US. Shipping for international orders varies depending on the country.

    If you wish to contact me about a commission, prints or a freelance assignment please email me at the address given below.


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